The DIY Covert Wireless Listening System


I created the Bug-in-a-Book project for the Spy Tech edition of Make Magazine. Now it's a fun and easy electronics kit. The kit contains all of the components to build and operate your Bug-in-a-Book and includes the following (shown in picture, below):

A - Hollow book with hole drilled in spine
B - Miniature “amplified listener”
C - Miniature wireless FM transmitter
D - Miniature FM receiver with ear buds
E - AAA battery holder
F - Red hookup wire
G - Black hookup wire
H - Heat-shrink tubing
I - Hook-and-loop fasteners
J - 1/8" stereo phone plug (male)
K - 1/8" stereo phone jack (female)
L - 10 Ohm, 1/8 Watt resistor

Also included (not shown):

• (5) AAA batteries
• Solder
• Illustrated instructions

Tools you'll need (not included):

• Soldering Iron
• Wire cutter/stripper
• Phillips head screwdriver (small)
• Marker

Reception range: 20 to 25 feet, depending on conditions.
Soldering required.
For educational use only. ;-)

Components Included in the Bug-in-a-Book Kit
Here's the finished Bug-in-a-Book project
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These are the hollow book choices currently available.
Alice in Wonderland
Encyclopedia of Music
Jack Russell Terrier
Tom Sawyer
Baseball Greats
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